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All covers combine in one product the practicality of use, protection, and the impeccable design of Covershell® to pamper your car key. Each prototype, before being marketed, is tested through articulated simulations of use designed to verify functionality, efficiency and resistance. In this way, our covers are marketed only after careful checks.

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Covershell® shells are created to interpret the needs of drivers, in fact they represent the perfect meeting point between the quality of the materials, the design, safety, comfort and practicality of use, all features that Covershell® guarantees with all its products and that are making the company one of the reference points for motorists all over Italy.

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Covershell®, has also designed and presented a series of official accessories, or replacement keys to replace those of the factory. These accessories allow you to renew your car key without having to necessarily replace your shell (shell) if it is intact.

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The element chosen for the Covershell® brand is the shell concamerata nautilus pompilius, built by architects who are unaware of the shellfish. This idea has cover-shell, house-lodging keys harmoniously and ergonomically.

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